Women’s circle


What is a Women’s Circle?

When women gather, something special happens. A Women’s Circle is a monthly gathering where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. We can share our stories, our questions and doubts, our talents and dreams. It is a safe space where we can drop our masks and encourage each other to be real, where we allow healing to take place, for ourselves and thereby for all women and the world around us. This way you can reconnect with your heart and body. You get in touch with your feminine strength and embrace your fullest potential.

About the circles

We will come together in circles monthly, around the full moon. Most probably most of you will be connected with her naturally, whether you recognize it or not. There will be practices and time for sharing and connecting with other sisters.

We will provide tea, yoga mats and blanket. If you wish to bring some snacks to share during the tea you’re most welcome!

Date: The dates are, as much as possible, planned on a Sunday around the full moon.
Time: 19.30 – 21.00
Price: €5,- Yogaroom members  //  €15,- regular price


15 December
12 January
9 February
5 April
10 May
7 June
5 July

We’re looking forward to sharing and growing together!