Besides the regular yoga classes, Yogaroom offers special workshops, dance evenings and courses in which we focus more on different yogic themes. These workshops vary in duration, price and teacher. Be surprised by a deeper approach of yoga and enrich your yoga knowledge! You can reserve your spot for the workshops using the regular reservation system.

Breathework Pranayam

Breathework was designed long ago by yogis in India to break through the Kosha layers (body layers and patterns) to release physical, mental, emotional and physiological tension and relax the body, mind and nervous system READ MORE

Tantric Dance

If you like to dance and are interested in self-awareness, this form of dance is certainly a fun and enriching way to experience yourself with and through others. Every dance evening can be different. We travel inwards through and with the others. Options are offered and there is always an invitation to experience what suits you best, or to experience why something doesn’t suit you.  READ MORE

Beginners Yoga Course

During this Beginners Yoga Course you will be introduced to what you can expect and experience on your yoga path. Yoga can be defined as a training that initiates awareness. By practicing yoga we learn to see different processes, accept them, balance and develop them. You can think about the mobility of the body, the breath, reacting, focus and concentration, stress management, communication and being in contact with others. READ MORE

Awakening of 9 Dimensional Awareness ~ One Day Yoga Retreat 

In this Retreat we will connect existing ancient and modern science to clarify and consider other life perspectives. The power and importance of perspective is the base understanding of drive and obstacle awareness and management of all things. Seeing the patterns of existence and everything we meet in life gives us the power to choose! You will be provided by information and we will create a playful and philosophical field to practice and unveil different life questions. READ MORE