Beginners Yoga Workshop

During this 2 hour workshop we will explain concisely what you can expect on your yoga path, and you can experience. Yoga can be defined as a training that initiates awareness. By practicing yoga we learn to see different processes, accept them, balance and develop them. You can think about the mobility of the body, the breath, reacting, focus and concentration, stress management, communication and being in contact with others.

Yoga is much more than just body postures and stretching and twisting yourself into a complicated pose. It is a training that helps you keep balanced in complex (life) situations. Yoga can be as deep as you make it yourself.

The following themes will be covered: introduction of yoga, training the body and learning to relax, learning to use the breath, practicing meditation, different yoga postures. There is space for questions and we provide you with tea and water.

The workshop will be held every:
–  2nd Friday of the month 13.00-15.00;
–  Last Sunday of the month 19.30-21.30.
Costs €50,00