Tantric Dance


Date: Every 4th Friday of the month
Time: 20.00 – 22.00 (doors open at 19.30)
Guide: Zdenka (Satya Simran)
Including tea, water and fruit.

If you like to dance and are interested in self-awareness this form of dance is certainly a fun and enriching way to experience yourself with and through others.

Every dance evening can be different. We travel inwards through and with the others. Options are offered and there is always an invitation to experience what suits you best, or to experience why something doesn’t suit you. We look for edges and patterns but remain in softness towards ourselves and the other. You can choose to work with a blindfold and let yourself be led or maybe you want to experience the leader in yourself?

We work with themes based on vedic philosophy that can give us tools and insight into the dual game and oneness. Just like in nature, we create a field in dance in which the laws of nature also come into play. The opposites, masculine and feminine, drive and stop, patterns (memories), acting or reacting, giving and receiving, listening and being heard. Balance and union, how do you do that in a dance and what do you take home?

Wear comfortable clothing that make you feel good and are easy to move in. You can come alone or with your dance partner.


24 januari
21 februari (due to holidays one week earlier than usual!)
3 april (due to holidays one week later than usual!)
24 april
22 may
26 june