Open week

At Yogaroom we provide everything you need for body, mind and spirit. Come to our Open Week! It’s the perfect chance to see our beautiful location and teachers, to discover your path and to explore our classes and events!

From 13 January til 19 January you are welcome to follow unlimited lessons for only € 19.95! In addition, we organize a number of inspirational workshops to show you what Yogaroom has to offer. Are you new to yoga? During this open week you can very easily try out ALL the lessons to see which style suits you best.


Monday 13 January
09:45 Yin
19:45 Hatha
21:00 Thema les

Tuesday 14 January
08:30 Hatha
18:30 Kundalini
19:45 Yin

Wednesday 15 January
09:45 Vinyasa
17:15 Restorative – Nidra
18:30 Hatha

Thursday 16 January
08:30 Yin Yang
18:30 Ashtanga Vinyasa
19:45 Yin

Friday 17 January
09:45 Restorative – Nidra
17:15 Slow Flow
18:30 Satsang, Mantras en Potluck

Saturday 18 January
09:30 Kundalini
10:45 Yin Yang
12:00 Yoga Beginners workshop
14:00 Potluck Lunch
15:00 Basics of Ayurveda

Sunday 19 January
11:00 Hatha
12:00 Potluck

Date: 13 – 19 January
Price: €19.95
The workshops are FREE for Yogaroom members.
How does it work? Check our class schedule to see which classes you would like to follow and make sure you register online